Kovalam Homestays

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Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple: Thiruvananthapuram's most interesting temple i open to Hindus only,Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple and even they must wear wear a 'dhoti' or 'sari'. Still , it's worth visiting -even if you are just passing through town-to see the temple's seven story carved gopuram reflected in the nearby sacred tank.Constructed in the Dravidian style by a maharaja of Travancore in 1733, the temple is dedicated to Vishnu, who reclines on the sacred serpent, Anantha, which gives Thiruvanathapuram its name.

Kovalam Beach: Kovalam is just 16 kms away from Trivandrum. This unique internationally renowned wonderful beach will get pride of place amongst the loveliest beaches in the world has been a favourite haunt of tourists since the 1930s. Today Kovalam has become one of the most popular beach hangouts in India. Kovalam means a grove of coconut trees and truly the coconut trees along the beaches gives it a ravishing look.Kovalam Beach

The palm-fringed bays in secluded coconut groves, promise a relaxed stay. The boundless blue waters of the Arabian Sea and miles of white sands washed away by the surf at the feet of the stalwart palms and the rocky promontories, makes this beach paradise. This marvellous beach is a tourist's dream come true.

A sheltered natural bay with cool soothing palms and gentle waves. Where when you are tired of aquatics, swimming or sunbathing, you can explore the handicrafts, jewellery and cloth shops spread along the waterfront. Not to speak of the delightful sea-food fare including lobsters available at the beachside restaurants.

Palace Museum:The recently opened Puthen Maliga Palace Museum, adjacent to the temple Palace Museum,is housed in several wings of the palace of the maharajahs of Travancore.

It's open from 8.30 am to 12.30pm and from 3 to 5.30 pm; entry is Rs.5.

Museums, Gallery & Zoo: The zoo and a collection of museums are in a park i the north of the city . The museums are in a park in the north of the city. The museums are open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 4.45pm, but not until 1pm on Wednesday. A single Rs.5 entry ticket covers all the museums and is obtainable from the Natural History of Museum.

Housed in a whimsical, decaying, Keralan style building dating from 1880, the Napier Museum displays an electric assortment of bronzes , historical and contemporary ornaments , temple carts , ivory carvings and life size figures of Kathakali dancers in full costume.

The Natural History Museum has a rudimentary ethnographic collection as well as an interesting replica of a Nayar wooden house built in the Keralan style.

The Sri Chitra Art Gallery has paintings of the Rajput, Mughal and Tanjore schools, together with works from China, Tibet, Japan and Bali. There are also many modern Indian paintings , including works by ravi Varma, Svetoslav and Nicholas Roerich.

The Zoological Gardens are among the best designed in Asia -set among woodland ,Zoological Gardens lakes and well -maintained lawns - but some of the animal enclosures (and their inhabitants) are misreble. The zoo is open Tuesday to Saturday from 9am to 5.15pm. Entry is rs.4 and there is an additional Rs.5 charge for a camera or Rs.250 for a video camera.

The Science & Technology Museum and Planetarium , about 100m west of the Mascot Hotel, cater mostly to high school students . The Museum is open from 10am to 5pm daily and entry is Rs.2. The Planetarium has 40 minute shows in English at noon daily (Rs.10).It's closed on Monday.

Padmanabhapuram Palace: Padmanabhapuram Palace was once the seat of the rulers of Travancore, a princely state for more than 400 years which included a large part of present day Kerala and the Western coast of Tamil Nadu.Padmanabhapuram Palace,

Padmanabhapuram is just inside Tamilnadu , 65km south-east of Thiruvananthapuram. To get there , you can either catch a local bus from Thiruvananthapuram or Kovalam beach or take one of the Kanyakumari tours organised by the KTDC. The palace is closed on Monday.

Veli Tourist Village: Boardered by Veli lagoon and the Arabian Sea, the village includes water sports , waterfront park, floating bridge, children's park, restaurant, garden etc. it is 8km. away from the city. Visiting hours: 10am. to 8.30pm.

Akkulam Boat Club: A popular picnic spot with boating facility.

Shangumugham Beach:It's a pleasant place to walk or watch the fishermen securing their catch. A large sculpture of a mermaid graces the roadside, an example of the work of the local artist Canai Kunuram. At dusk, during temple festivals, the beach is the site of the ritual bathing of the temple idols.

CVN Kalari Sangam:The CVN Kalari sangam in East Fort, near the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, is a small but remarkable bulding-part training centre, part temple and part hospital.

Neyyar Dam: Neyyar dam, lying against the southern low hills of the western ghats, 32 kms away from the Thiruvananthapuram city is a popular picnic spot with a lake and a picturesque dam site. Neyyar DamNeyyar dam affords a panoramic view of the the mountains and the lake. The lion safari is a star attraction.

The reservoir also offers boating facilities in addition to a crocodile farm. The project offers facilities for boating and mountaineering. A miniature wild life sanctuary, a lake garden and a swimming pool are the major attractions.

Ponmudi: Ponmudi hill resort is cool and quiet. As the hills come awake you can begin Ponmudia pleasurable exploration of the wooded paths. Trekking is a passion with visitors to Ponmudi. Ponmudi has other surprises too for you.

Orchids, for instance, grow in abundance here. A charming deer park is only 3kms. from Ponmudi. Picnic hampers that the staff at the guest house would be happy to arrange, which you could take down the hill to a picturesque ruined dam site or golden valley which is another pretty scenic spot. Other attractions are Bird watching, Deer park and long, enjoyable walks.